VoIP Vs Landline: Which Office Phone System Is Right For Your Business?

Phones. They are something that every business relies on, but how much thought have you given to what kind of phones you use? What type of phone system you use in your office may not seem like a big deal, but this is actually a major decision.
Communication is key in the modern business landscape and the reliability, clarity, and feature set of your office phone system can completely change how you do business.

Here’s some information that will help you decide which type of office phone system is right for your business.

VoIP Office Phone Systems
VoIP office phone systems work by harnessing your business’ existing internet connection to make calls. Here are a few of the pros and cons of VoIP phone systems.


  1. VoIP phone systems are cheaper to maintain and install.
  2. VoIP phone systems come standard with advanced features.
  3. VoIP phone systems scale up or down easily.


  1. VoIP phone systems rely heavily on the internet.
  2. VoIP phone systems can introduce new security issues.

What Kind Of Businesses Should Choose VoIP Phones?
VoIP phone systems can benefit businesses of all sizes. They work best for businesses who have a fast, reliable internet connection. They’re also great for businesses that are growing and planning for the future, as they are highly scalable.

Landline Office Phone Systems
Traditional landline phones are probably what you’re most used to seeing. They use local or regional utility wires to make calls. Here are a few of the pros and cons of traditional landline phones.


  1. Landline phones are more secure by default.
  2. Landline phones are not affected by power outages.


  1. Landline phones have fewer features by default.
  2. Landline phones are significantly more expensive to install and maintain.
  3. Landline phones are considered “obsolete” technology by some.

What Kind Of Businesses Should Choose Landline Phones?
Although VoIP phones are typically more feature rich, landline phones still have a place. Landline phones work well for small businesses without reliable, high-speed internet connections. They may also be right for businesses with very few employees who aren’t planning on adding any more.

What’s The Bottom Line? Which Is Better?
For most businesses — no matter the size — VoIP phone systems are the more economical solution. They are less expensive, they come with advanced features that are difficult to find in landline phones, and they are easily able to grow alongside your business.

So why would you ever choose a landline then? Well, in remote areas where it’s difficult to find high-speed internet VoIP systems lose many of their advantages. It should be noted here that high-speed internet itself offers many advantages to businesses as well, so that’s something that’s worth looking into. For very small businesses with just a handful of employees, landlines may be preferable. There are also some security concerns with VoIP — although there are workarounds for those.

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