What Features Are Available For Mobile And Remote Workers?

Many companies have employees who spend at least part of their day working in the field. Others have employees who work entirely off-site, or in an otherwise remote capacity. Given this increasing business trend, it’s important to have an office phone system that works for all employees, and allows for seamless business operations.
What is Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C)
A 2015 report by IDG Enterprise found that 66 percent of small to medium-sized business owners surveyed planned to implement or drastically upgrade UC&C services by 2017. A buzzword that is being heard more often in the business world, UC&C details the integration of enterprise communication services.

The following UC&C tools can help streamline your small business operations by keeping remote and in-the-field employees connected at all times during their working hours:

Online Chat
Chat is not just for recreational use. Many companies have been regularly using online chat to quickly and easily communicate with their customers. Now, the feature is being used to touch base with employees, as well.

Some chat platforms will also allow you to see when employees are online or on a call. This helps you gauge productivity and worker progress on jobs. In addition, chat programs allow you to send a message to employees in such a way that they don’t have to log in to a system, or even dial voicemail.

Coordinated Office Phone System
Workers in the field require the same access to company applications as in-office employees. With a coordinated office phone system, remote workers are able to remotely access through their cell phone to instantly access this important information.

In addition, when used with a landline phone, your company can assign phone extensions to remote workers, so when clients call, it appears they are speaking from the same network!

Benefits of Unified Communications
There are many benefits to implementing a UC&C program at your company, including:

  • Secure communications: Safeguards exist to keep your private company information private.
  • Increased productivity: Connected workers won’t have to waste time calling in to the office to get the answers to simple questions.
  • Reduced cost: Mobile connection lends to lower overheard and reduced labor costs.
  • Work/life balance: Employees spend less time shuttling back and forth to the office to get their jobs done.

Technology has changed the way business is conducted. Mobile outreach tools can help streamline many aspects of your business, including office phone systems, communication, and more. Contact Atlantic Communications Team today to learn more about how we have help your business.