Why High Speed Internet Is Essential For The Modern Business

High speed internet is not simply an option for most businesses these days — it presents so many opportunities that it’s a requirement. Even if you can get by without it, not having a speedy internet connection really limits your ability to grow. Here’s why high speed internet is essential for the modern business.
Everything Is Connected
These days just about everything connects to the internet. New business applications increasingly rely on the power of a high-speed internet connection. From cloud computing to VoIP phone systems, high-speed internet is crucial for making the most of these productivity-enhancing innovations. Without these innovations, your productivity suffers, as does your ability to move on with the times. Businesses that fail to adapt to new technologies rarely last long.

Communication Is Key
These days customers expect quite a bit from you. You need to have an internet presence, a website with high uptime, a reliable channel of communication, and extensive technical support options at minimum. The ability to communicate quickly and effectively is absolutely vital in the modern business world. These types of things are much easier to manage with a fast internet connection.

This also applies to your employees. Let’s just think about it in terms of email communication for a second. Emails these days are more visual than ever, a picture is worth a thousand words after all. Employees constantly send emails with business logos attached and customers frequently send emails with pictures of the issues they have. These images take up a lot of bandwidth. An extra few seconds for an email to load may not seem like much individually, but over the course of the work day it can really add up.

Remote Opportunities
For many workers telecommuting — working remotely from home — is becoming the new normal. This trend isn’t going anywhere either. In order to maximize your chance of attracting qualified employees, you need to be able to support remote workers. This requires both you and the employee to have a stable, high speed connection.

In addition to telecommuting, many businesses are embracing videoconferencing. Instead of organizing and paying for face-to-face meetings for employees who work at separate locations you can hold video conference calls. Even if this is something you rarely do, the cost of high speed internet pales in comparison to that of a single cross-country business trip.

Back It Up
What would you say your businesses most valuable asset is? These days the answer should probably be this: your data. Nearly every business stores large amounts of valuable, sensitive data that is essential to their operation. If this data is lost, the business is compromised. In order to keep this from happening you need to make backups of this data frequently. In most cases this can be automated and new data can be backed up immediately after it’s entered into the system.

With slow internet backing up data becomes problematic. You can just forget about backing up continuously. You may be able to pull off overnight backups, but those can go wrong and unless you have overnight employees no one is there to moderate the process. And what if you experience data loss during the workday? All of that important data is simply gone.

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