Why Slow Internet Can Hurt Your Small Business

These days, customers turn online first to get information about companies and organizations they’re interested in. More people use their smartphones or mobile devices to access data wherever they are.
Today, customers naturally expect to find solutions quickly. Meanwhile, employees need fast Internet to effectively perform their jobs. Slow connections mean reduced productivity.

Given all of this, high speed Internet for your small business is essential. Simply stated, overlooking this standard business tool can create costly problems down the road.

Here’s why your small business needs high speed Internet:

Improves Growth and Productivity
Faster connection means faster handling of customer questions and concerns. The more inquiries you’re able to address and sales you’re able to make, the better your bottom line. On the other hand, when customers are forced to endure a slow connection, the overall customer experience suffers, and they’ll soon find other companies with which to do business.

The problem is heightened with companies who make deals online. Search engine experts say a page that loads even one second slower results in decreased site visits (and decreased potential sales) for e-commerce entrepreneurs. So, high speed Internet has a direct connection to the amount of revenue your business can generate.

Then there’s the matter of data storage. Storing and protecting data takes a huge amount of bandwidth that slow Internet just can’t handle. Why risk losing important information, or having to wait to access it?

In small business, time is money. That means any time wasted waiting for a slow connection holds up company processes, makes customers wait, and has the potential to negatively affect deadlines.

Increases Employee Morale and Customer Satisfaction
When connections are slow and employees can’t effectively perform their jobs, they’ll soon become frustrated and even resentful of the company. They’ll wonder if they’re being punished in some way. This negatively affects their morale. Some workers could even quit because of it!
Those who stay will be less productive, since they’ll never be able to get any kind of real momentum. In fact, business owners lose a full work week of employee productivity per year, according to a 2013 study by storage specialist SanDisk.

Meanwhile, customers won’t accept having their time wasted. If a website is taking too long to load, or if they’re forced to wait on hold while a worker addresses their concerns, they’ll simply find a new place to do business. Slow Internet gives customers a negative impression, and makes them wonder what other aspects of the business need an update.

Makes Your Company More Visible
Many owners do at least some business online. At the least, you probably have a company website. Search engine Google is constantly updating their methods, and now takes into consideration page load time for ranking. This means slow Internet directly affects your ability to be found online.

The good news is that setting up high speed Internet is both time and cost effective. Many offices can be up and running in less than a week, with minimal interruption in between.

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