Why VoIP Is The “Must Have” Technology For Your Next Business Phone System

If you are still using a conventional business phone system based on copper wiring to meet the needs of your enterprise, it’s time to look ahead to just how effective Voice Over IP can be.
Voice Over IP – or VoIP to its friends – is a natural progression of our increasingly wireless world. It uses the technologies associated with modern data traffic to carry your conversation.

Let’s face it: Florida hasn’t always had the best telecom technology in the country. Between the Panhandle and Miami-Fort Lauderdale, you’ll often find poor call quality and other issues.

VoIP helps you excel by giving you crisp, clear voice communication no matter where you or the other callers are based. But that’s really only the beginning: The difference in technology amounts to a total transformation in how you use your system and what it can do for you.

The Advantages Of VoIP Are Becoming More Obvious Every Day
Enterprises are turning to VoIP every single day. But not all of them are big businesses.

Schools are one of the biggest segments driving VoIP adoption.

Like businesses, schools have been looking for ways to introduce remote collaboration. Remote learning is on the grow, and it shows every sign of having lasting staying power. VoIP is the perfect solution for a kind of telepresence more and more institutions are in need of.

But what are the VoIP advantages that matter most to your business?


1. Cost Per Call Is Greatly Reduced on VoIP
VoIP unlocks cost savings by transferring voice over your existing data lines. This can make it much more cost-effective, and also provides you with a guaranteed Quality of Service from your phone provider’s IP network to your company’s network. Domestic and long distance calls become cheaper – often free. If you need to call internationally, you will also find the costs are usually much more favorable.

2. You Can Enjoy Greater Service Mobility
Large enterprises love VoIP because it enables them to make better use of their existing office space. A business phone system headset isn’t tethered to a particular office. Any part of the system or the whole system can be moved freely. That can make it easier to remain at your current building instead of having to invest in a larger one.

3. Versatile Features Adapt To Your Needs
VoIP gives you access to all of the data collected by your business phone system at a moment’s notice. This can be perfect for when you need to multitask. For example, as sales professionals wait on hold they can access their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) app to get information about the decision-makers they’re about to speak to. VoIP systems are completely extensible with your favorite apps.

4. Conference Calls Are Simpler
Conference calls are becoming an even more integral part of today’s business landscape. Telepresence is made easier by VoIP, and conferencing features are usually fully integrated into your business phone system. That can save you thousands of dollars annually in separate licensing fees. Plus, there’s no manual setup of conference features for your callers and you can be sure they always work as intended.

5. Less Business Travel Is Required
In today’s business environment, every company is taking a second look at the necessity of travel. Travel adds a lot of overhead and, in some cases, a lot of risk. Instead of having to rely on your systems to carry the day from the other side of the world, VoIP can set you up for seamless collaboration with teams and business partners no matter where on Earth they may be.

6. VoIP Systems Are Highly Reliable
VoIP is closely integrated into your business internet. So, if your internet is reliable, so is your business phone system. But in case you have had trouble with your internet service or electricity, worry not. Many VoIP features, such as call forwarding, are robust even in a crisis. If your usual office phone is out of service, you can still take your important calls on your smartphone or laptop computer.

7. Most VoIP Systems Tie Into The Cloud
Because your VoIP data isn’t anchored to your business phone system headset, you have the opportunity to tie into cloud-based services. Cloud software is always up to date and the data you interact with can be accessed from anywhere. So, for example, the information on your field sales team’s smartphones can sync up with your business phone system and any CRM or other software your enterprise uses.

With all that in mind, it’s no surprise that VoIP may soon dominate the market when it comes to business phone systems. However, there is at least one more factor helping to drive the decision-making process when zero business disruption is the end goal.

That is simply this: Compared to any other business phone system on today’s market, a VoIP-based system may be easiest to implement and adapt to.

VoIP Can Be Easier to Install Than Traditional Premises-Based Business Phone Systems
VoIP is gaining in popularity among all business categories – small, mid-market, and enterprise.

If you currently use a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) business phone system, VoIP can still be right for you. A PBX system is common in call center environments because its advanced switching technology allows you to operate more phones than there are physical phone lines.

Many older office phone systems using PBX technology have business customers locked in. Because the phone headsets cannot be reused in other setups, companies find themselves bound long-term to the vendor or to the particular hardware. VoIP can be the perfect way to break free.

By updating your existing PBX to the VoIP standard, you’ll get excellent quality. You’ll also be able to supersede many service limitations, allowing for almost unlimited growth. VoIP is also superior for implementing queues, digital receptionists, and detailed data analytics.

All of those features are becoming essential to a modern business focused on continuous process improvement. They are also key to managing a growing volume of calls without having to spend a fortune on payroll. Any way you look at it, it’s the best move for you.

Get Your VoIP Business Phone System From A Telecom Leader With Decades Of Experience
Atlantic Communications Team provides all the technical expertise you need to select your next business phone system. Our team helped introduce VoIP to our Central Florida service area. We understand how today’s cutting edge business phone systems affect your operations and keep your metrics moving.

Based on a detailed analysis of your needs and input from your team, we will help you find a business phone system that aligns with your strategy. In just a few days, you can be enjoying the benefits of a fast, responsive system and on your way to the ROI you want.

We can even advise you on getting your team ready for your new business phone system.

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