Biggest Benefits of High Speed Internet

So many business functions today depend on reliable digital services. That’s why it’s essential to empower employees and customers alike in reaping the benefits of high speed Internet.

More than just a luxury, fast connections help customers accomplish their goals with ease, and help workers quickly complete tasks so they can move on to the next. It all adds up to improved customer service, increased employee productivity, and a more streamlined overall business operation.

Here are the biggest benefits of high speed Internet for your small business:

Faster Load Time and Streaming Availability
Customers aren’t willing to wait for a website or application to load. Especially in an era where most are using mobile devices, people expect and even demand a fast connection. If they’re not able to quickly accomplish what they’ve set out to do, customers will simply find another option, including turning to your competition for assistance.

High speed Internet makes finding information easy. In addition, you can supply customers with helpful how-to video tutorials, insight into real-time industry news and current events, and even promotional materials aimed at improving customer loyalty.

Customers will be impressed that your company is using the latest technology. This helps build trust and respect. In addition, by integrating social media feeds into your website, you provide another avenue by which customers can better connect with your company and brand.

Enhanced Team Collaboration
Employees expect a reliable and speedy Internet connection, as well. In fact, 61 percent of employees surveyed in a 2014 Pew Research Center study said they depend on online applications to successfully complete their job duties. The study canvassed 1,066 working adults (aged 18 or older) in the U.S.

Internet that moves at a snail’s pace slows momentum. This not only reduces productivity, but also stifles creativity. Frustrated employees won’t deliver top results if they’re constantly having to restart due to a slow connection.

High speed Internet also improves employee communication by providing workers with alternate means of getting in touch (email, chat, video). No one wants to be forced to walk around the office every time they want to relay a simple memo.

Cloud-based collaboration tools help workers do their jobs and save time and money on hardware and data storage. To that end, remote workers can easily connect with in-office staff without having to make on-site visits that are time, labor, and cost intensive.

Simple Setup and Dependable Service
Increasing Internet speed and bandwidth is a fast and affordable way to compete with businesses of any size. The playing field is leveled when customers can easily accomplish their goals by using your website. For employees, stress is reduced and job contentment is increased with reliable and fast high speed Internet at work.

Best of all, getting started is quick, easy, and affordable. Atlantic Communications Team has an option to fit every small business budget. We’ve been serving the business needs of Central Florida for more than three decades. Contact us today to see how we can help your operation grow and thrive.