The Importance of Business Phone Systems

Despite what some might say, the telephone remains a powerful tool for any successful small business. The fact is, there are certain things that just aren’t possible to accomplish online. In addition, there are instances when connecting with a personal touch is essential.
As you strive to incorporate the latest technology and digital tools into your operations, don’t overlook the importance of a business phone system. These can be integrated into your current tools — maximizing employee productivity, customer satisfaction, and profits.
Discover how a dedicated system can help improve your business:

Shared Resources
Don’t get caught in the trap of paying separate phone bills for every employee. Phone systems save time and money, while improving communication.

Communication is the foundation of business interaction for both employees and customers. Phone systems ensure a reliable and secure connection where team members and clients can discuss their questions and concerns in an efficient and effective setting.

More than mere voice contact, such systems also provide valuable features such as voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, teleconference tools, and more.

Improved Problem Solving
It’s a fact that most customers today turn online first to solve their problems. If they’re unable to find a quick or thorough answer, they’ll call a company representative for further assistance. Sometimes, customers can even alert you to potential problems with the website, or errors they’ve found while browsing.

Other times, it’s simply easier to resolve complicated questions and concerns via a more personal connection. This is particularly true when dealing with information of a sensitive nature that shouldn’t end up in the wrong hands. Further, scheduling appointments when customers have a schedule or calendar nearby saves email back-and-forth, which reduces employee productivity and delays service.

While it may be difficult to believe, there are some people who either aren’t able to access or simply refuse to use the Internet. Others will go out of their way to talk to a “live person,” and will even bypass other companies if they don’t provide a telephone contact option. Not having a reliable business phone system puts you at risk of losing those customers.

Reduction in Cost
As you provide stellar customer service, your focus is also on building a profitable business. Switching to a business phone system streamlines your communication costs and helps simplify monthly bill processing.

In addition, premium features available on such systems allows you to do away with business tools and processes that quickly add up to significant costs.

For example, video conferencing eliminates the need for off-site and remote employee travel. Inter-team file-sharing reduces response time. Auto-attendant can decrease and even eliminate many administrative functions. Call forwarding and similar options help improve customer communication, which results in faster sales and an overall better customer service experience.

Simple Expansion
Another valuable feature of a business phone system is the ability to easily scale as your business grows. That means you won’t be shouldered with costly upgrades year after year. Instead, as your operations improve and your employee base increases, you can move to a new system that can accommodate additional employees, and one that comes with advanced features.

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