Dispelling the Myths – Part I

Potential clients have many ideas about phone systems that are not necessarily true. Let us put your mind at ease when considering one.

I’m too small for a phone system.

Even if you are a small company, why act like one? NEC even offers a Small Business Package for as little as 3-4 phones. If you want “Music on Hold” or “Auto Attendant”, this can make your company seem even larger. The Auto Attendant feature routes each incoming call based upon the time-of-day and day-of-the-week. The InMail solution can even provide different announcements and dialing options for each number in the office.

I can’t buy a phone system – I’m already under contract.

Sometimes you can keep a single fax line with one company to avoid cancellation costs, and still find savings with all the other services, like lines, internet, etc.)

If you are under contract with a phone system, you can see for yourself if the new system features are worth opting out of your existing contract. Depending on the situation, ACT may help with the fees associated with the cancellation.