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Evolve the Way You do Business with Cloud-Based Phone Systems

Evolve the Way You do Business with Cloud-Based Phone Systems

The verdict is in: Cloud-based phone systems are the best you can get for your business.

Companies all around the country are making the switch, and the benefits of a cloud-based phone system are especially noteworthy here in Florida. A cloud-based phone system improves the efficiency of your business in so many ways – while giving you the crisp call quality and reliability you’ve always wanted.

What’s the Difference in a Cloud-Based Phone System?

In contrast to old-fashioned phone systems, the cloud-based phone platform is 100% digital. It carries voice traffic along your data lines, which makes a tremendous difference in call quality. Calls from around the world sound as if your customer, vendor, or business partner is right there in the room with you.

But that’s really only the beginning.

By connecting your phone to your data lines, you also get a much higher level of reliability than ever before. Even if we’re in the midst of Florida’s stormy hurricane season, you can rest assured your phone system will continue to work on your behalf day and night. That’s a major concern many Florida business owners have.

Thanks to our geography and climate, it hasn’t always been easy for telecom companies to invest in the best infrastructure – and sometimes, parts of the telephone network have fallen into disrepair. By contrast, you’ll always benefit from the flexibility of modern internet when you use a cloud phone system.

So, cloud-based technology is better when it comes to the fundamentals.

But it can also extend and expand your business phone system in ways that were never possible before.

Cloud-Based Features to Accelerate Your Business

Since your cloud-based phone system is completely integrated into your network, you have immediate access to a variety of features that have never been available on phone systems in the past. This is a big part of the magic that makes the jump to cloud a brilliant business investment, no matter the size of your enterprise.

Let’s take a look:

Your Phone System Scales with You

A cloud-based approach means you’ll never have to worry about paying for services that you’re not actually using. At the same time, your phone platform will always be ready to expand. It isn’t limited by a number of handsets, and they aren’t anchored to specific places. Most features can be accessed through a smartphone.

You Get a Full Suite of Productivity Software

Gone are the days of spending thousands or even millions of dollars on software licensing fees. Everything you need is packed into a Univerge Blue Connect cloud-based phone system. It’s never been easier to share files, control the different versions, schedule meetings, and so much more – all without additional costs.

You’ll Enjoy Telepresence Built into Your Phone

Video meetings have become a cornerstone of modern business. Yet, it can be difficult to get everyone onto the same platform, ensure they all show up on time, and then moderate the event, especially if it’s larger. With the built-in solutions available through the cloud, creating or joining a meeting takes just one click.

Your Phone Is More Secure Than Ever Before

It might seem like connecting your phone to your data line would be a security nightmare, but the opposite is actually true. Handsets that are assigned to your cloud phone system can be decommissioned at any time if they get lost. Likewise, hardware accessing the system can be automatically scanned for security compliance.

You Can Train Employees with Full Phone Data

Many different types of employees benefit from the greater connectivity and data accessibility available with a cloud-based phone. For example, sales professionals no longer need to spend so much time adding information to their CRM. Call center managers can review calls live and offer helpful feedback.

And So Much More

When you choose a cloud-based phone system, you can benefit from any upgrades that are made in the future. The library of useful software is always growing, for example. That means you’ll always be on the cutting edge and never have to plan for a major phone system replacement again.

It’s Easier Than You Think to Get Started with a Cloud-Based Phone System

For more than 30 years, Atlantic Communications Team has been at the forefront of telecommunications here in Florida. We are the premier vendor of Univerge Blue cloud-based phone systems in Florida, and have helped thousands make the shift to a cloud-based phone system.

The changeover to your new phone platform takes as little as one day, with zero business disruption.

Contact us to find out more or get started.