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Outdated Business Phone System? Make the Change to Cutting Edge Communication Technology

Have you been getting complaints about your business phone system?

Now is the time to switch to voice over IP (VoIP).

Your business phone system is an essential way that you connect with the rest of the world. Poor call quality, bad call routing, and other issues can put off customers – even those who have been with you for a long time – and start them on the process of looking to your competitors.

At the same time, problems with your phone system can undercut the efficiency and productivity of your workforce. If you have a customer service desk or inside sales team, it is even more important to be sure they’re fully equipped with the best business phone system in Central Florida.

That tells you it’s time to move to the cloud.

Voice Over IP Empowers Your Organization with Cloud Computing Versatility

When you choose a voice over IP phone system, your voice traffic will be carried over the same digital lines as your other data. Throughout Central Florida, these modern digital lines are in much better condition than the old-fashioned copper wiring that carries many voice calls.

That creates a huge increase in call quality, but it’s only the beginning.

When you shift your business phone infrastructure to voice over IP, it means your phone can communicate with your network like never before. Cloud-based voice over IP phone systems offer a range of features you can’t get with standard phones because they don’t benefit from the immense flexibility of the cloud.

The cloud refers to distributed computing that gives you the resources you need whenever you need them. You no longer have to worry about paying for what you don’t use. Instead, your phone network will grow with you by earmarking only the resources necessary to support the number of users you have.

And since a voice over IP phone is a seamless extension of your data network, you also benefit from software and other features that used to cost thousands of dollars a year in separate software licensing fees. Everything is bundled together with a single platform that’s easy to use and administrate.

Do More Than You Imagined Possible with Voice Over IP

A modern voice over IP telephone system comes with outstanding productivity and collaboration features built right in. From the moment your system comes online, you’ll have options for telepresence, voice, mobility, messaging, conference, contact center, and more.

You are never obligated to use any built-in features, and your administrator can customize each employee’s configuration and access according to their needs. That makes it easier for your employees to navigate their phone system and get value from it without a steep learning curve.

By embracing built-in software on a voice over IP phone solution, many of our customers have reported they save thousands of dollars per year. The speed and security are unparalleled, and it’s easier than ever to fully support your remote or hybrid workforce with phone features to accomplish more from anywhere.

In short, there is no reason to prefer an aging analog phone system to today’s digital alternatives.

But that leaves one big question: Is it hard to switch to voice over IP?

With us, the answer is a resounding no.

You Can Get Started with Voice Over IP in Central Florida Right Away

If your business is growing but your phone system isn’t growing with it, you might worry that you need to go through a complete phone system overhaul. You wonder about the expense and disruption to your business.

With voice over IP, you’ll never be in a situation where you need to stop and rewire your building to make your new phone system work. Instead, moving over can be almost as simple as flipping a switch. It all works with ease when you choose Atlantic Communications Team as your commercial voice over IP telephone vendor.

With more than 30 years of experience across thousands of successful engagements, Atlantic Communications Team has been at the forefront of digital technology’s twists and turns. We are the company small, mid-sized, and even large regional enterprises turn to when they want to upgrade their technology more easily.

We will be glad to evaluate your current phone system and develop a plan that will allow you to benefit from the VoIP revolution in a matter of days or weeks, not months or years. Our experience means we know how to manage large-scale telecommunications transitions with zero disruption to you.

Don’t wait another day to see what VoIP has to offer.

Contact us today to get started.