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Hybrid Work is Here to Stay – Here’s How to Keep Your Employees Connected

Hybrid Work is Here to Stay - Here's How to Keep Your Employees Connected

Hybrid work is unlocking amazing new opportunities for Florida businesses.

Although it looks a little bit different for practically everyone, hybrid work refers to an arrangement where some members of your team come into the office while others work remotely. Generally speaking, everyone will have some time they spend in the office on a rotating schedule.

For most businesses, this means that the office will only be 30%-50% full on any given day. Morale improves for both the remote side of the workforce and the in-office side. Remote workers save on their commute while still remaining productive, while those in office can benefit from greater privacy and more focused time.

Despite some early concerns, most businesses have found that hybrid work leads to higher productivity along with more employee engagement, not less. On top of that, hybrid work can give you more tactical and strategic options to optimize the way you do business. And even if you haven’t started yet, it’s not too late.

With hybrid work, you can create amazing competitive advantages fast:

1. Lower Commercial Rent Costs

For a long time now, many businesses have measured their value partially in their ability to fill an office. This has led to a commercial rent crisis in many places throughout the United States – even flourishing firms can discover that supercharged rent figures are eroding their profits. With hybrid work, you no longer need to be tied to commercial property and may be able to downsize, saving anywhere from thousands to millions a year.

2. Access to Larger Talent Pools

Hybrid work naturally means some part of your workforce will be remote on any given day. With remote work, you can expand your recruitment. You’re no longer tied to the 30-50 mile radius around your office, with fresh opportunities to hire the best talent from anywhere in the state, region, or country. It’s never been so easy to find the ideal talent to fill your most important roles, since the right technology can bridge any distance.

3. A Less Siloed Business Approach

For all that naysayers have talked about “serendipitous conversations around the water cooler,” a true picture of the 100% in-office model has some drawbacks as well. One of these is that, in spite of chance interactions, most functions and departments stay anchored within their own world. Because hybrid work requires you to streamline communication for maximum impact and efficiency, silos naturally start to break down.

4. Becoming an Employer of Choice

Long story short, more employees are looking for a hybrid work arrangement within their own careers. The more your business relies on highly skilled knowledge workers, the more you’re going to see the shift within your own personnel. By embracing that change now, you have a golden opportunity to position yourself as a modern, effective employer that knows how to make the most of this new paradigm.

Cloud-Based Phone Systems Are Your Key to Unlock the Future of Work

So … what does it take to make hybrid work work for you?

You already have the most important element, the drive to make the most of the future of work. Now you need the keystone of that effort: A cloud-based phone system. With a cloud-based phone system in place, anyone in your team can access the full power of your phone system from anywhere in the world.

A single cloud-based platform provisions all the resources of your system so they can be accessed from office handsets or your employees’ existing smart devices. Yet, you don’t have to worry about opening up security vulnerabilities, because every device that connects is held to the security standards you set.

A cloud-based phone system is not only more secure, more responsive, and faster. It also enables crystal clear calls along with a bevy of other productivity features. For instance, you can have a robust, built-in telepresence solution that may even replace expensive current solutions. No more recurring software licenses to pay for!

Many Central Florida businesses stall when the time comes to implement a cloud-based phone system. Don’t wait until your business phone technology starts showing its age: Take action now and start to benefit from the best in the business. At Atlantic Communications Team, we make it easy.

We’re Florida’s #1 dealer of NEC Univerge cloud-based phone systems. We’ll help you select the right one for you and make sure you get value from day one. We work around your schedule to ensure the changeover will truly be seamless for you and your customers.

Contact us to learn more or get started.