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Is Your Outdated Business Phone System Letting You Down? Upgrade to Enterprise-Grade Services

Is Your Outdated Business Phone System Letting You Down? Upgrade to Enterprise-Grade Services

In 2024, more people than ever are seeking ways to communicate and connect with your business without ever having to make the trip to your office. This is just as prevalent in Central Florida as it is elsewhere in the United States. While high speed internet is helpful, you also need a reliable business phone system.

The older a given customer is, the more likely he or she will prefer calling on the phone to email or text. When a customer calls you, the clock starts ticking and seconds count. Even those who are loyal to your business can be motivated to look at competitors when they have a poor experience on the phone.

When Do You Know Your Business Phone System Is Outdated?

At Atlantic Communications Team, we get requests every year to evaluate an existing business phone system and make recommendations for a modern, enterprise-grade communication platform. We consistently notice certain problems that indicate it’s past time to implement a new solution:

1. Dropped Calls

Dropped calls are the most common sign of a phone system that just isn’t up to the task. Most of the time, this means that the volume of incoming calls is beyond the capacity of the phone system itself. When you switch to enterprise-grade digital phone services, you no longer need to worry about your phone’s bandwidth. It uses the same transmission lines as your high speed internet, keeping problems from developing.

2. Reduced Call Quality

Analog phone systems tend to rely on copper cabling that hasn’t been replaced in years or decades. This is especially true right here in Central Florida. As these lines degrade over time, voice quality declines until it becomes difficult to understand your caller. Likewise, they may have trouble hearing you. It’s no surprise so many customers may give up in frustration, starting them on a search for an alternative to you.

3. Lower Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score is an important customer service metric that relates to how many of your customers would recommend your business to others. A high NPS is a sign you’re in a great position to attract repeat customers and referral business. Nothing can tank your NPS like poor customer care experiences, and that leads to poor reviews and other “detractor” experiences. If you notice an uptick in these issues, look to your phone system.

4. Greater Time to Resolution

“Time to resolution” is a KPI in phone-based customer service that relates to the total amount of time that a customer is on the phone before getting the help they need. Sometimes, time to resolution can rise because the customer care team is understaffed. In many cases, though, the phone system is to blame for much of the friction. Customers may be getting lost in the phone tree or having trouble interpreting the instructions they get.

5. Turnover Among Phone-Focused Employees

It’s not just your customers. Your employees can also opt out of dealing with old and outdated phone systems. This is one of the biggest signs that your phone system is defunct. Unfortunately, all the problems that already exist with an old business phone system are sure to get worse when there are fewer employees to deal with them. This can lead to a spiral where things only get worse for both your customers and your turnover.

The Difference of an Enterprise-Grade Business Phone System

When it comes to a modern, versatile phone platform that combines the best features with an affordable price point, cloud-based business phone systems are the best that money can buy. Atlantic Communications Team is your source for the best Voice Over IP business phone systems (VoIP) in the state of Florida.

You’re one quick, simple installation away from having an enterprise-grade VoIP phone that grows seamlessly as your business does. Thanks to fractional pricing on the cloud-based model, you’ll never need to pay for features you don’t use. Likewise, you don’t have to stop to install more hardware when your team grows.

A cloud-based VoIP phone system will instantly resolve many of the critical customer service issues linked to a poor phone experience. Dropped phone calls and reduced call quality will be things of the past from the very first day. You’ll be able to collaborate with callers around the world as if they were just across the hall.

And that’s only the beginning when you consider all the powerful productivity software that comes standard. VoIP is more than just a phone system, it’s an all-in-one business command center. Contact us today to find out more or get started.