Modern IT Solutions Are Key To Protecting Your Business

Today’s businesses are under constant threat by hackers. Each new feature and technology in your network needs to be secure – so you can have that successful VoIP conference call without anyone else listening in, for example.
Businesses that hire an in-house team to manage their IT solutions often fall short, leaving security vulnerabilities others can take advantage of. Even if the team does their best work, there’s still a never-ending list of new exploits, new tools, and new techniques to keep up with.
So, what IT features should you insist on to secure your business?

Managed Anti-Virus
New computer viruses emerge every single day. Novel viruses are especially dangerous, since older software cannot keep up with them. With managed anti-virus, you can be sure all of your devices are running the very latest software. Nothing on your network will go unprotected.

Mobile Device Management
Mobile devices are one of the biggest weak points in modern computing. Employees can bring their phone into the office, providing a “back door” for attackers to access your network. Mobile device management automatically checks mobile devices for security compliance.

Malware Mitigation and Removal
What if a computer or even a whole system is infected by malware? Enterprises need a plan in place to lock down the affected components, mitigate the damage, and completely remove the dangerous code. Proactive monitoring finds infections faster and activates this automatically.

Cloud Computing
Cloud computing provides your business with low-cost access to the best IT resources. Still, you cannot afford to neglect the security of your internal network. A secure cloud implementation includes taking steps to make your interface with the cloud airtight.

Business Continuity Planning
If data is lost or critical systems are compromised, how can you maintain your business with minimal disruption? IT is a major part of business continuity planning. Your vendor must be ready to act fast at the first sign of disruption and partner with you throughout the crisis.

Atlantic Communications Team Can Help You Protect Your Investments
It’s not just global enterprises that have to worry about security breaches. Hackers often target small and mid-sized companies, believing their sensitive data will be ripe for the picking.

What’s more, losing control of that data can have long-term business repercussions. You may lose the trust of your customers or be subject to millions of dollars in regulatory fines.

Atlantic Communications Team is here with IT solutions you can count on. Our experts support you with the best tools, techniques, and technology to help you get the most from IT.

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