Modern IT Solutions Help Non-IT Personnel Stop Wrestling With Outdated Technology

Modern IT Solutions Help Non-IT Personnel Stop Wrestling With Outdated Technology

One of the most important ways technology serves society is by making things faster. Think about it: Even before the digital age, looking back to the most fundamental ancient technologies, speed was one of the principal goals. Chiseling messages on stone gave way to writing with reeds on papyrus. In time, that led to more familiar forms of paper and eventually to the printing press.

The difference between then and now? Groundbreaking innovations could take centuries to come about. For us, they happen every few years. Just think about how the widespread availability of mobile devices within just the last decade has completely transformed the way people work.

The drawback to this rapid pace of change is that things don’t always work as planned.

What’s more, non-technical personnel may face challenges when asked to completely rethink their workflows. Despite everyone’s best efforts, for example, HR departments are among the most common targets for ransomware attacks because criminals assume they’ll be less technologically savvy.

Technology should be a boon, not a burden. The right IT solutions can reduce friction by taking more of the load of adapting to the new off your non-IT personnel. At the same time, the automation technology used in the best new IT solutions means you don’t need to have a legion of IT specialists to benefit from them.

With managed IT services, you could even choose to outsource many technical functions entirely.

Yes, everyone in the organization will always bear some responsibility for using technology the right way. But just like organizations, people are more efficient and productive when they can focus on their core strengths.

These IT solutions help them do it – and they will appreciate your forethought!

Stem The Tide Of Phishing Emails With Automated Email Monitoring

More and more organizations are using dedicated IT security classes to teach their staff the hallmarks of phishing emails. These emails purport to be from a legitimate authority and aim to access private data, especially a user’s password. They can be the opening salvo in a truly cataclysmic cyberattack.

Most phishing emails are far from sophisticated. They’re riddled with typos, have broken images, and use a writing style that wouldn’t be out of place in second grade. Yet, people still fall for them – and the result can be millions of dollars in direct damage and business disruption.

With automated email filtering, it’s no longer necessary for everyone on your team to be Sherlock Holmes.

Email monitoring is one of the IT solutions that can positively affect everyone in a company. The average professional devotes about 28% of their time to email every day, which means plenty of time to fall prey to a scam email or infected attachment. Email filtering prevents suspicious emails from reaching the target.

In effect, it stops the problem before it can start.

Any opportunity to reduce the total amount of emails someone has to deal with in a day is welcome. But it’s even better when those messages are dangerous. Even the most alert recipient could accidentally activate a worm or other virus. Filtering doesn’t eliminate the risk entirely, but does cut it down to a manageable level.

Take the Tedious And Error-Prone Process Of Software Updates Off Your Plate

Even when software updates in only one click, there’s no guarantee it will get done.

Think about it: When end users get the notification about software updates, they’re almost always right in the middle of using that software. They click “Remind Me” or whatever it takes to get rid of the notification – then they go on with what they were doing and quickly forget about it.

This can lead to indispensable software being weeks or even months out of date.

It’s IT solutions to the rescue. Automated patch management ensures that software updates can be applied instantly, as soon as possible after a new version is available. This can take place in the background when the software is not actively being used or it can be scheduled at a particular time of day.

Patches deploy to the entire fleet of network endpoints without disruption.

This is particularly vital when it comes to enterprise antivirus software. Virus definitions are updated regularly to protect you against the latest “Day Zero” exploits. If patches aren’t applied promptly, you could find yourself under siege. Your other IT solutions may even stop working as the viral influence spreads.

Even when your IT team takes care of patch management, mistakes can still be made. By implementing the right IT solutions, nothing will be overlooked. New software versions tend to be faster and much easier to use, too.

Never Lose Track Of Mission-Critical Data With IT Solutions For Managed Backup

It should come as no surprise that if average users avoid software updates, they’re probably not backing up their data, either. Despite the arrival of cloud computing for businesses, many Florida enterprises still rely on their staff to manually back data up on a schedule. If someone is out sick or simply forgets, it goes undone.

Without better IT solutions, your most sensitive data is at risk.

Managed data backup and recovery is one of the most helpful IT solutions around. It is especially valuable to any company working in a heavily regulated industry such as finance, healthcare, or legal services. You may need to hold on to data for years to meet your obligations.

Managed backup ensures not only that you collect it, but that you don’t lose track of it in the future.

IT solutions like managed backup are essential to security, too. Many of today’s most devastating cybercrimes focus on taking away access to the data you need. Data recovery easily restores any data that has been targeted by hackers. You won’t have to worry about data encryption taking your business hostage.

Empower Innovation Through Cloud Computing For Florida Businesses

Of all the IT solutions out there, cloud computing is having the biggest effect on Florida business models.

With cloud computing, you have seamless access to all of your crucial data no matter where you are in the world or what device you’re using. Employees can work from anywhere and benefit from antivirus, software updates, and data backup. Everything they need is stored in the cloud and administered based on your rules.

This has given Florida companies of all sizes access to global talent pools that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. With mixed remote workforces, it may be possible to cut down spending in key categories:

  • Hiring and onboarding
  • Talent development
  • Office space spending

Add to this the ability to streamline your IT team and cloud computing has a clear, compelling business case both from a technical and non-technical standpoint. Everyone will get a consistent and reliable technology experience no matter where they are.

Technology is a friend, not a foe. Atlantic Communications Team will help you implement effective IT solutions that anyone can use. To find out more or get started, contact us.