Need IT Solutions For Mission-Critical Data? Look To Managed Backup

For most of computing history, data storage has been one of the biggest costs keeping high-end hardware out of many offices and homes. For enterprises, data storage was a bottleneck that made it essential to understand exactly which files were mission-critical. IT leaders had to plan ahead how to manage and retain those files.
These days, many enterprises have vast storehouses of important data. They include archives not being used for daily operations. It may be necessary to retain data for years or even decades for compliance purposes.

There’s more data storage media available than ever – and using it is also easier. Just consider how simple it is to use a USB thumb drive compared to the hard drives of ten years ago.

But businesses should avoid being lulled into complacency. USB storage and other consumer-grade solutions simply aren’t good enough for your sensitive enterprise data.

When considering IT solutions for your growing business, managed data backup and recovery should be near the top of the list. It’s not simply a matter of convenience: It ensures business continuity in the event of a natural disaster, corporate espionage, or hacking.

Managed Data Backup Goes Above And Beyond For Enterprise Clients
A systematic approach to data backup is critical in today’s environment.

When individual employees are trusted to back up their own data, three things happen:

  • Key pieces of data are misplaced or destroyed because backup does not occur regularly.
  • Sensitive information is spread across multiple services, including things like Gmail.
  • Files and insights are lost as personnel move up, transfer, or leave the organization.

Even when everyone has the best of intentions, it’s never wise to leave a detail-oriented technical task like data backup in the hands of non-technical personnel.

At best, their efforts are sporadic.

At worst, their failure to follow policies can put your data at risk.

With a third-party IT vendor, managed backup rises to the status of your other IT solutions: A reliable, predictable, and safe way to capture information you need and ensure you know where to find it.

Managed data backup is different in several valuable ways:

1. It Is Programmatic, Not Manual
Instead of data getting backed up whenever workers have the time, valuable data can be brought up to date every single day – if necessary, several times a day. This process happens at planned intervals and allows you to track where all data is stored.

It Is Enterprise-Focused, Not Individual
Opening an office in a new country or entering a new marketing segment might present you with new data storage challenges. Instead of training all personnel about new standards, you can use managed data backup to meet all your requirements with one click.

It Allows Rapid Restoration Of Data
Billions of dollars are lost every year as a result of hacking attempts on businesses. Especially serious is ransomware, where companies must pay thousands to retrieve encrypted data from criminals. Third-party data backup renders you virtually immune from attack.

It Minimizes Risks Of On-Site Storage
On-site data storage carries considerable risks. Media must be stored in a secure, climate-controlled area. Contents must be indexed, verified, and available. Cloud-based third-party storage protects your data in the cloud, keeping it safe, visible, and accessible.

No matter what size your business, Atlantic Communications Team can empower you with the data backup solutions you need. To learn more, contact us today.