High Speed Internet Makes The Winning Difference In Florida

High speed internet matters for businesses across the United States and around the world. Believe it or not, though, it’s even more important for companies operating here in Florida.
Since the birth of telecommunications, a variety of factors have made it more difficult to provide residents of the Sunshine State with the best performance. The state’s geography, terrain, and weather all contribute to challenges for telecom firms.

Much of Florida is still grappling with the legacy of trade-offs needed to lay early telephone networks. In parts of Central Florida, the “last mile” cabling that facilitates high speed internet for residential customers is often outdated or unreliable.

Florida has made strides over the last several years. However, only a handful of coastal and Panhandle areas have full access to the fastest and most stable high speed internet technologies on the market today.

Consider these broadband internet statistics:

  • Just under 22% of Floridians have access to 1 gigabit broadband.
  • Barely a third – 34.5% – have access to fiber optic wired networks.

Outside of hot spots like North Miami Beach and Key Largo, speeds can be surprisingly slow. In fact, more than half a million Floridians are without reliable access to 25 megabits per second (mbps) download speeds.

What does this mean for your business?
In Florida, high speed internet is still an investment that distinguishes you from the rest. Luckily, enterprise-class high speed connections use distinctive technologies that unchain you from the limitations of local infrastructure in your service area.

Here’s what you need to know.

High Speed Internet Protects Your Bottom Line In Florida
When Atlantic Communications Team provides you with high speed internet, we use enterprise-grade services built around the T1 broadband standard.

T1 is a flagship technology that sets the bar for what “high speed” should be. When used for data traffic, it transmits at a consistent rate of 1.544 mbps.

This makes it the de facto fastest and most reliable connection with market traction here in Florida. It is the ideal solution for any business working toward excellence in IT.

The advantages are undeniable:

1. T1 Lines Can Be Bonded Together
If your needs are not met by a single T1 line, a bundle of T1s can be bonded together. This gives you a seamless increase in service speed. For example, two T1 lines will deliver speeds of 3.0 megabits per second; four increases your speed to 6.0, and so on.

2. T1 Lines Can Carry Voice Traffic
T1 technology comes in voice, data, and integrated varieties. This is especially convenient for businesses. By consolidating services, you save money and get consistent performance. Your business telephone system can benefit from your T1 without additional configuration.

3. T1 Is Both Affordable And Scalable
For a “gold standard” technology, T1 is surprisingly affordable. Your monthly costs will depend on your needs, but T1 is within reach of most small businesses. As your bandwidth needs grow, you can simply lease more lines and see immediate performance benefits.

4. T1 Is Resilient Enough For Florida
Just as crucial for Florida businesses is the fact that T1 won’t let you down no matter what the situation is around you. T1 is remarkably flexible and stable during severe weather. It can maintain service during disruptive conditions that would knock many connections out.

To find out more or get started with T1 internet, contact us at Atlantic Communications Team.