Sound Masking Is An Essential Piece in Better Call Center Performance

There are many work environments where sound masking can be helpful. The smaller an office is, the more likely it is dulling outside sounds through strategic use of a white noise system is valuable. This is especially true for today’s “open-plan” offices.
From fast-paced creative offices to law firms where confidentiality is key, sound masking helps create a workplace more conducive to excellence. However, there’s one place where it is, perhaps, even more vital: Inside the modern call center.

From Workers To Customers, Everyone Benefits From Call Center Sound Masking
Whether a call center focuses on customer service or sales, it presents unique pressures to those inside. Workers are expected to complete as many calls as possible and resolve issues in one conversation. Processing a hundred calls a day or more can be grueling work.

But it’s also essential.

When customers contact your call center, they are often in need of help or advice. Their tasks have been interrupted by unexpected product performance or a lack of knowledge. How their issue gets resolved will determine their impression of your brand.

Balancing speed and accuracy under pressure is often challenging. By crafting a work environment conducive to employees’ needs, you can help them reach higher productivity.

Sound masking does this by making it easier for representatives to “tune out” all the other conversations and distractions going on around them. This allows them to focus more easily on the problem at hand, find the information they need, and get things done faster.

Masking Sound Helps You Combat Turnover And Elevate A Team’s Performance
Call centers have some of the highest turnover rates of any corporate job. It’s crucial to give new employees the resources they need to master the learning curve and become superstars.

When employees leave within the first year, it represents a loss to your time, output, and training budget. But turnover isn’t outside your control – you can reduce it with the right resources.

In today’s competitive work world, that means:

Sound masking consists of specialized speakers that emit low-level white noise based on the latest acoustic science. People in affected rooms are not aware of the sound, but they do find it easier to focus on important sounds – like the telephone – instead of ambient noise.

Masking reduces the informational content of surrounding noise below the threshold of a person’s subconscious understanding. The human brain is naturally wired to wonder what’s going on “over there” when it hears words that it recognized as meaningful – but now, the words are softened.

This also helps your team members make the best use of their phone system.

An advanced business phone system acts as a unified command center where everyone has full access to the customer and performance data needed to thrive. Users must understand all of the system features and engage with them quickly throughout the course of a call.

One less distraction can mean the difference between resolving a call, routing it correctly to someone who can, or frustrating your callers by pressing the wrong button at the wrong time.

Atlantic Communications Team will help you unlock the power of sound masking in your call center, office, or anywhere noise is an issue. Contact us today to learn more or get started.