Why A Business Phone System Is Still A Must For Today’s Enterprises

According to the latest reports by Pew Research Center, about 96% of all Americans own a cell phone of some kind. Smartphone ownership has reached 81%, up from only 35% when Pew first investigated the question back in 2011. The smartphone age is here.
This has led some smaller enterprises to explore the possibility of phasing out their phone platform. Doing without a business phone system, so the logic goes, would open up space in the office while enabling personnel to use the devices they’re already familiar with.

On reflection, though, this logic just doesn’t hold water.

There are clear benefits to a business phone system that can’t be simulated by other solutions. Not only do these affect your personnel, but also the call quality and care received by your customers.

Let’s take a look at why a business phone system is still a key asset for your company:

1. Not Everyone Has A Cell Phone Or Wants To Use Theirs At Work
Even though cell phones are very prevalent, not everyone has one. Non-smartphones, lacking the ability to use apps or access the Web, would be virtually useless in today’s customer service or collaboration environments. A phone system ensures none of your team members are left behind.

2. A Single Business Phone Platform Delivers Consistency
Today’s business phone platforms are designed for consistent, convenient user experience for all users based on their role within the organization. While it may take a few days to master a new phone system, this learning curve is simplified and the results are worth it.

3. Business Phone Systems Are More Secure
Security is a major concern when customers call you. Your agents may discuss all manner of sensitive topics with them, including their purchase history and financial information. Business phone platforms are built with the appropriate safeguards to protect all parties.

4. Business Phone Systems Can Interact With Smartphones
Most business phone systems are optimized to interface with smartphones if needed. However, they do this in a secure and controlled app environment so the interaction does not compromise your phone performance. On the other hand, viruses can spread quickly between smartphones.

5. You Can Simplify Your Number Of Apps
Mobile apps are meant to be convenient, but you can have too much of a good thing. The mobile “command center” apps designed for business smartphone systems give you one-touch access to your calls, contacts, CRM, and notes without having to look in ten different places.

6. You Can Save Money In The Long Run
Business phones can be a smart move from an efficiency perspective. You may be able to cut down on costs such as mobile device management if all telephony is handled from within a single system. You will never find yourself on the hook for an employee’s mobile phone costs.

7. Onboarding Employees Becomes Faster
Customer service agents and sales representatives are the people who use your phone system the most. With a unified solution, it becomes much easier to teach them exactly what they need to know to get a running start. That shortens onboarding and helps them become productive faster.

There are great reasons to get excited about business phone systems. Many different systems are available, and Atlantic Communications Team can help you select the perfect one for your needs.

To find out more about your options, simply contact us today.