Why Your Business Needs High Speed Internet

When you’re focused on growing your small business, you’ve got other things on your mind than online connection speed. But high speed Internet is no longer an added benefit. In today’s era of instant communication, you must ensure that you have the essential tools for success.
There are many benefits to a fast Internet connection. Here’s how it directly benefits your bottom line:

Web-Based Applications
These days, most people use at least one web-based application. More and more, people are abandoning familiar software that is installed directly on their computers like Microsoft Office for cloud services such as Microsoft Online, Google Docs, and others. These platforms allow for collaboration and presentation that’s impossible in other programs.

Another reason for increased web-based application use is productivity. Slow response wastes employee time, and also threatens to frustrate customers. In addition, cloud computing involves constant uploading and downloading.

Large Websites and Emails
Often referred to as “heavy” data, visual elements demand higher bandwidth, which takes up storage. The fact is, these days even emails have become more visual and include photos and other large attachments.

Downloading these important messages over a slow connection is difficult at best. In the worst case scenario, attempting to download on slower speeds can lead to a shutdown.

High speed Internet features symmetric connectivity, which means the upload and download speeds are the same. This is especially helpful when employees are sharing large files with co-workers in the field or in another office, or when instructional/promotional videos are posted to the company website.

Video Conferencing
If you have employees in the field or clients at remote locations, there are times when you’ll want to be in touch via video conferencing. On a slow connection, this can be an arduous process. However, with high speed Internet, you can seamlessly communicate with people anywhere — as if they were all in the same room.

Video conferencing saves time and money. Clients don’t have to make travel arrangements, and employees don’t have to make a special trip into the office, which can slow productivity.

Protecting Your Data
Backing up data just makes sense. You prevent a situation where you’ve lost important information to a technical error or other complication. With high speed Internet, data backup is easy. In addition, a fast connection speed allows for simple access to even the largest database.

For these and many other reasons, your business should rely on a fast Internet connection. Let our expert staff evaluate your current usage, and work with you to find the best communication solutions for your needs. Contact us today.