Your Business Belongs in the Cloud: 5 Best Benefits of Cloud IT Solutions

If you’ve ever been accused of having your head in the clouds, maybe you were just ahead of your time. Cloud computing is a productivity revolution for large enterprises and small businesses alike. Cloud infrastructure allows you to access IT solutions and resources comparable to a Fortune 500 company without adding lots of expensive hardware.
With cloud computing, remote servers host the software and data your business uses. This simple change has a dramatic effect on what technology you can enjoy and how you interact with it. In effect, you externalize the cost, complexity, stress, and overhead associated with IT solutions to a third-party vendor. You simply enjoy the benefits.

Paired with high speed Internet, the cloud will truly change the way you do business.

Let’s consider why so many businesses are moving to cloud-based IT solutions:

1. Cut Out Cost, Complexity … and Contracts
Software licensing is a major cost of doing business for information-driven enterprises. With the cloud, you get a package including all the software you need without ever having to worry about maintaining expensive software contracts and ensuring they’re up to date for all your users or “seats.” Likewise, you might not need any expensive servers, data centers, and other hardware that you use currently.

2. Streamline Your In-House IT Team
Moving your infrastructure into the cloud often means you can reduce in-house IT footprint. More than any piece of technology, payroll is the biggest business expense of them all. It only gets more steep when you add in the cost of training, IT tools, and the opportunity costs of building a technology team. Your cloud vendor can often handle all the services you need.

3. Always Be on the Cutting Edge of Security
Even if you have an in-house team you love, there’s no guarantee you can defend your IT assets from hackers. New threats are emerging every day, and safety demands the latest IT solutions and training. With the cloud, you can stay focused on what you do best while your provider does the heavy lifting – though you still need to practice good data safety!

4. Empower Your Team Worldwide – Anywhere, Anytime
The most exciting thing about the cloud is that it goes anywhere you do. If your team members are traveling, they’ll never be cut off from the data and tools they need. With the cloud, you can expand your hiring efforts and access talent pools from around the world. As long as your employees have a modern mobile device, your full IT power is at their fingertips.

5. Cloud Scales With You
No matter if you have a single office or a thousand global sizes, cloud technology will grow with you. You’ll never pay for more than you need and can adjust your services at any time. If you open a new location, the cloud will be there and ready for you as soon as your Internet connection is working. It’s simple, seamless, and satisfying.

Atlantic Communications Team puts the power of the cloud at your command. After a quick consultation, we’ll design a customized cloud services package with all the latest business software that you can access from anywhere. Implementation takes just hours. You never need to buy additional IT equipment – all cloud services work with your existing desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. To learn more or get started, contact us today.