4 Reasons Why Sound Masking Is More Important Than Ever

We often see modern office trends in a wholly positive light. Open-plan offices? They foster collaboration and increase productivity. New, high-tech appliances? They are loved by employees for their features and ease of use. These things may be true, but it’s important to understand that they are tradeoffs involved in nearly every business decision, even the forward-thinking ones.
One of the biggest tradeoffs we see modern businesses making is sacrificing privacy for convenience. Fortunately, there’s a way to minimize privacy concerns while still reaping the benefits of a modern, forward-thinking office. Here are a few of the reasons why sound masking is more important than ever.

1. Offices Are Becoming More Open
Gone are the days of thick cubicle walls twice your height surrounding you on all sides. These days the open office is king. While open offices do have their benefits, one major drawback is that employees have much less privacy. In some ways, this is desirable, but in others, like not having to focus while a ton of distracting office is noise going on, it leaves much to be desired. Sound masking is a great way to make your open floor offices more private and less distracting while still reaping the benefits of communal working.

2. Businesses Need To Maximize Space
These days, businesses are trying to make the most of their space. It makes perfect sense, not every employee needs their own workspace the size of a luxurious office and if you’re adding two or three new employees it makes much more sense to work with what you have rather than buy a brand new space. This does involve some sacrifices when it comes to privacy though. With sound masking, you can make sure that employees who work close together still have the ability to do their business without fear of eavesdropping or distraction.

3. There Are More Office Distractions Than Ever
We have access to more office gadgets than ever. From high-tech coffee machines to fancy printers to paper shredders, the modern office is full of noisemakers. Although individually, the sound produced by these devices may not seem all that distracting, the sheer number of them and the regularity with which they make noise can lead to a small office sounding more like a construction site. Sound masking provides a gentle blanket of noise that drowns out all of these appliances and keeps your employees free from annoying distractions.

4. Employees Desire Privacy
Employees strongly desire their privacy these days. Whether they’re making an important work call or casually chatting with a friend from work on their break, they don’t want to have to look over their shoulder to make sure no one is listening in on them.

There are a number of benefits to sound masking technology in your office, and it’s one of the few modern business solutions with no tradeoff. Installation is affordable and easy. There’s little upkeep necessary — once it’s installed you’ll rarely have to touch it yourself except to turn it on and off. The noise itself, far from being an annoyance, quickly fades into the background and provides a soothing blanket of sound for employees.

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