Why High Speed Internet Is Important For Small Businesses

If you’re a small business, you may think you don’t need high speed business internet. Isn’t that for large operations with dozens or hundreds of employees? You only have a few, so why worry too much about your internet speed? In truth, you’re only hampering your potential growth by using a slow, inefficient internet service.
Here are a few reasons why high speed internet is important, even for small businesses:

More Productive Employees Are Happier Employees
Imagine working on a project and constantly having to stop and wait for a page to load. Or even worse, how about having to stop what you’re doing entirely because your unreliable internet connection is down yet again. Some employees out there don’t have to imagine. This is their reality. This constant stopping and starting really interferes with their productivity and leads to stress and frustration at work. High-speed internet allows your employees the freedom to be as productive as possible.

More Room For Users, More Room For Growth
When you’re just starting out it can be tempting to purchase a slower residential internet package to save money. Maybe you currently only have a few employees who make use of the internet regularly. The question is, what happens if you need to hire another? While it may not seem like much, even a single extra user added to an already strained internet connection can slow things down to a crawl. High-speed internet is a way to future-proof your operations and allow more room for growth and success.

A World Of New Productivity Features
Having high-speed internet opens up a world of productivity-enhancing features and systems for your business. Just take VoIP phone systems for example. These internet-based phone systems come standard with a number of features that are difficult to find in your standard office phone system. The only “catch” is that it requires a fast and reliable internet connection to function properly.

Another great way to enhance productivity is by using cloud storage/file sharing applications like Dropbox and Google Drive that allow you to quickly and easily backup important documents or share files. With a speedy internet connection using these applications is painless, you can backup or share large files in a matter of seconds. On slow internet connection, the process can take much, much longer.

No, you certainly don’t need to be a big corporation to benefit from a high-speed internet connection. In fact, for a modern business, it’s practically necessary to have a fast and reliable internet connection, no matter how small you are. Don’t let the price of high speed internet connections scare you off, the money you’ll save will be more than enough to offset the higher costs. On top of that your employees — and your customers, for that matter — will certainly thank you.

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