6 Groundbreaking Reasons High Speed Internet Matters In 2020 And Beyond

In many places across the United States, high speed internet has reached a sort of saturation point. In 2015, about 77% of Americans had a broadband internet connection. Most people own a laptop or desktop computer and 81% own a smartphone.
Blazing speed is what people expect when they do business online. But enterprises face unique challenges when it comes to high speed internet: They deal in internet connections that are many times faster than high speed home networks.

If you’re tempted to think your current internet speed is enough – that you don’t have to squeeze any more out of your existing business network – it is time to take a second look.

Your network may be meeting current needs, but new business applications call for even faster speeds. And those cutting-edge applications are turning into true competitive advantages.

Let’s review why speed is more important than ever:

1. Telepresence Is Revolutionizing Conferencing
The days of old-fashioned conference calls are long behind us. Even early videoconferencing is beginning to look primitive by comparison with the latest apps. Soon, videoconferencing will be as immersive and responsive as a face-to-face conversation. With virtual reality and robotics both moving fast, conferencing is sure to evolve in ways that require faster data transfer.

2. Talent Networks Are Expanding Across Borders
Cloud computing was the first step in ensuring everyone in your enterprise could access all the resources they need. However, fast speeds are the backbone of an effective cloud. If you’ve been integrating offshore talent into your team, you need the best speeds available. The same is true if you have executives or sales pros traveling around the world.

3. More Mobile Devices Means More Need For Speed
The IT security philosophy behind mobile devices is starting to shift. Today’s CIOs know gaining complete control over how and when employees use mobile is a losing battle. However, a high-speed network can accommodate those mobile devices more easily. Not only does speed equal performance, but it also enables automated scanning to ensure all devices are secure.

4. Networks Must Accelerate To Accommodate Big Data
When it comes to most modern businesses, Big Data is the elephant in the room. Even simple e-commerce sites now have the potential to harvest and process terabytes of data daily. If Big Data is essential to your optimization plans, your need for speed is greater than ever. Slow connections can mean that data processing is backed up and valuable insights are lost.

5. Faster Data Facilitates Cloud And Managed Services
Organizations can streamline by entrusting non-core functions to third-party vendors. One of the most effective ways to compete with bigger enterprises on a lean budget is to embrace cloud computing and managed IT services, especially where security is concerned. Faster internet ensures distant vendors can operate as a true extension of your team.

6. Speed Is Key To Performance Management
Enterprises and individual employees alike are pushing to make the most of every day. Even if your team is motivated and ready, though, your data connection can be the bottleneck on their progress. Don’t leave your workforce frustrated and exhausted at the end of a day. Invest in high speed internet and contribute that much more to higher morale and employee retention.

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