Get More Value From Your Business Phone System With T1

If you work within a large enterprise, odds are good you can’t do without a business phone system. Customers have more options than ever for getting in touch, but most prefer the phone.
A telephone system is:

  • Even easier to access than email or chat when customers are on the go.
  • Familiar and friendly for customers who prefer a traditional approach.
  • Direct and personal – problems get solved within a single phone call.

There are many different phone systems available for enterprise customers, but one thing unites most of them: The best telephone service goes hand in hand with high speed internet.

So, if you’re looking for a way to benefit both your phone system and your corporate network, consider investing in T1 lines that boost both your phone system and data speeds.

Here’s Why Business Telephones And High Speed Data Work Better Together
Telephones and data connections were once distinct and separate technologies. That has been changing for decades, however. The modern smartphone is probably the best example of the two worlds coming together.

These days, phones and high speed internet overlap to such a degree that upgrading your internet connection can make your business phone system more reliable.

There are two reasons why:

  • High speed T1 connections can be used to carry both data and voice traffic.
  • With Voice Over IP (VoIP), calls are transmitted as crisp, clear digital data.

For most enterprise customers, the technical details of voice versus VoIP don’t matter as much as the performance benefits you can experience when a high speed T1 underpins your phone system.

When your internet and phone solutions are aligned, you get clear performance benefits. These cascade to every employee who uses a phone during the workday, making them more productive and efficient.

What’s the big difference? A T1 empowers your phone system to go to the next level:

1. Your Phone Solution Handles Peak Call Volumes Better
If you have a call center that handles hundreds or thousands of calls, T1 will leave you equipped to do it the right way. Fewer calls will get dropped or misrouted. More responsive call handling enables you to minimize frustration for your customers and your team.

2. Your Phone Solution Becomes More Robust and Scalable
Your business phone system should grow with you. You never know when call volume will grow to the point where more capacity is needed. T1 integration will make managing your phone system a snap, rolling it seamlessly into your other network resources.

3. Your Phone Solution Delivers Optimal Voice Quality
Your customers can call from across the state or around the world. No matter where they are, you want to ensure you they feel heard. A T1-enabled phone system gives you superior voice quality so everyone on the call is understood. That gets problems solved faster.

4. Your Phone Solution Integrates Advanced Features Better
The best business phone systems combine with Customer Relationship Management and analytics software. This software picks up a huge amount of useful data from calls to help you reach performance targets – and it works best with a broadband connection.

Whenever possible, getting internet and phone services from the same vendor will save you time and money. All elements should work together as a whole. Atlantic Communications Team can design, deliver, and install a complete technology platform to meet all your needs.

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