Research Proves The Link Between Sound Masking And Higher Productivity

Sound masking is becoming popular to enhance privacy in businesses where sensitive customer information is discussed. Law offices, accounting firms, and others reap benefits. However, confidentiality isn’t the only advantage offered by a masking system. In fact, you can enhance productivity, comfort, and efficiency with one simple solution.
Companies large and small are discovering a nearly imperceptible shift in the environment can translate to big improvements in daily output. Masking is subtle: Employees and customers aren’t even aware of it. But its effects can be remarkable.

Noise Distractions Are A Bigger Problem Than You Think
Noise distractions can sap the energy from your workforce, eating up time every single day. Studies have shown that noise distractions occurring throughout the day can account for almost 90 minutes in which affected employees are not focused on the tasks at hand.

Research from the University of Sydney in Australia paints a dim picture of noise’s role in the workplace: About 30% of personnel in cubicles and 25% of those in “open plan” offices said they were unhappy with noise levels.

The news gets even more dire: Open plan offices are associated with lower productivity, lower satisfaction, increased stress, and poorer health. Background noise is the biggest factor linked to each of these undesirable outcomes.

Noise reduces cognitive performance by interfering with the brain’s use of limited working memory. This is short-term memory, estimated at a maximum capacity of about five items, that you must use to manipulate information as you perform tasks.

Noise distractions can be so severe that they mimic the effects of memory loss!

Alternatives To Sound Masking Don’t Work For Productivity
Many people, especially in creative industries, swear by listening to music to improve their work speed. While this may help some people in some situations, it’s not a universal antidote to noise.

Research strongly suggests listening to music can impair mental acuity. Those looking for a mind-boosting effect may be better off listening to music they don’t enjoy, psychologists say.

Few people will pop on some music they hate in the hopes they’ll get more done at work. And though almost everyone has a smartphone they can use to play music, the distractions that would create can wreak havoc for everyone else. You’re back to square one!

Noise distractions need a single, systematic cure – and we have it.

Sound Masking Is Uniquely Effective In Dealing With Noise Complaints
The ultimate solution to many workplace problems might be more space for individuals to work in. Since that’s not always an option, masking sound is the way to optimize what’s available.

Using specialized white noise generators, sound masking systems dull the noise of unrelated conversation for everyone in the workplace.

Helpful white noise “takes the edge off” by making words indistinct. It does this all without producing a different distraction in turn.

Sound masking can help cement key drivers of workplace satisfaction:

  • It makes concentration easier
  • It facilitates conversation
  • It reduces interruptions
  • It promotes mental calm
  • It smooths out teamwork

The challenge? To deliver all these benefits and more, a sound masking system should be designed and implemented by experts.

From the corner store to the corner office, Atlantic Communications Team has deployed state of the art sound masking systems for all kinds of businesses.

Don’t let noise distractions stand in the way of your potential. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.