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Keeping Your Company Connected Through a Cloud-Based Phone System

Keeping Your Company Connected Through a Cloud-Based Phone System

A modern Florida business can’t do without a reliable phone system.

Yet, there are more challenges to good phone service than ever before.

Traditionally, Central Florida has been behind the curve on technological upgrades. Telecom firms tend to invest first in coastal areas where they have easy access. That means it’s taken longer for Central Florida businesses to benefit from high-speed internet and other valuable advantages that technology can bring.

At the same time, the weather is getting more unpredictable. Businesses that rely on an old-fashioned phone system that mainly uses copper wiring could be left without service when heavy weather rolls in. That doesn’t have to be a Category 5 hurricane: Aging infrastructure is unprepared for any named storm.

The time to take action to keep your company connected is now.

A Cloud-Based Phone System Keeps Your Entire Team Nimble

With a cloud-based phone system, your business will be ready for anything.

When your phone system migrates into the cloud, it means your voice call traffic is carried on the same modern data lines as the rest of your internet traffic. That leads to an astonishing increase in call quality and reliability.

You’ll enjoy those benefits from moment one:

  • Greater call clarity leads to clearer communication and better first-call resolution with customers
  • Your help desk or customer care personnel will be able to field more calls quickly and successfully
  • If you have an inside sales team, it will be even easier for them to develop customer rapport

When you can collaborate with customers, vendors, and others from all around the world as if they were right in the room, you have an undeniable leg up on the competition. But that’s just one of the many ways a cloud-based phone system serves you better.

No matter where your personnel are distributed around the world, they can access cloud phone resources from a dedicated handset or even their own device. In the event a physical handset is lost, access can be blocked.

This has given small and mid-sized Florida enterprises a new opportunity to access talent pools worldwide and build a distributed staffing model that works for them. If you’ve wanted to experiment with hybrid or remote teams, a cloud-based phone system is the perfect way to do it.

Capture More Data than Ever with Your Cloud-Based Phone System

The most successful Florida companies are climbing to the top of the market by making sure they are always improving based on the latest data. Data is the lifeblood of commerce in today’s increasingly interconnected world, and a cloud-based phone system is the key to unlocking more data than ever before.

Outdated phone systems are a black box when it comes to data. Sure, you can find ways to record calls, monitor them, and use that information. But it isn’t native to your phone system. The use of other tools and software adds complexity. Information can be lost, and you can even end up with compliance problems.

Using a cloud-based business phone system, all the information that flows through your phones can be put to work to make your business better. Many of our customers have told us that the time they save on data input within their CRM paid for their new phone platform in a matter of months.

Likewise, you might end up cutting out millions of dollars in licensing fees as new software found directly on your phone replaces the subscriptions you’re used to. With a Univerge Blue cloud-based business phone from Atlantic Communications Team, all the tools you need are right at your fingertips.

That includes everything from conferencing to telepresence, productivity to document version control. No matter what industry you’re in or what kind of audience you serve, there’s something here that will help you get better results. You never have to pay for extras that you don’t need, either.

You Don’t Need to Disrupt Your Business to Switch to a Cloud-Based Phone System

After hearing all this, many business leaders wonder about the next steps.

Atlantic Communications Team has more than 30 years of experience at the cutting edge of digital technology. We understand that one of the biggest things that delays a phone system upgrade isn’t necessarily the cost. It’s the possibility of disruption and lost business as you switch from one system to another.

Our Univerge Blue cloud-based phone platforms are designed so you can switch over in a matter of minutes and get real value the same day. We always begin by evaluating your needs to ensure a seamless transition. Contact us today to learn more or begin.