The Future Is Now: How High Speed Internet Is Powering Tomorrow’s Businesses

Today, enterprises stand at a technological crossroads. High speed internet is a must for serious businesses, but most companies focus on lightweight applications that do not use their full speed or bandwidth. In the near future, however, that will change.
Advanced AI-driven applications and Big Data will demand high speed internet as a matter of course. Businesses that are ready to take advantage of new capabilities will thrive.

This change will be driven by next generation quantum computers, which enable interaction with distant systems – even hardware, such as robotic limbs – in virtually real time. The first quantum computers will be powering business cloud networks within a few years.

However, you can already see the difference high speed internet makes.

Consider these applications that require exceptional speeds to succeed:

1. Voice Synthesis Technology
With cloud technology like Amazon Polly, developers are discovering new ways to craft realistic human voices. Soon, AI-driven customer service agents could not only interact with customers on your website, but through your phone system. That said, processing and responding to natural language queries in real time will take plenty of bandwidth!

2. Machine Vision Devices
If you are in manufacturing, machine vision is a big part of your future. Machine vision enables devices, like drones and robots on the shop floor, to interpret their surroundings without constant assistance from an operator. Machine vision is key to allowing autonomous equipment to work safely alongside humans, but it takes lightning-fast data transfer speed.

3. Tomorrow’s Big Data Analytics
Big Data is teaching businesses more than they ever knew about their customers. Many Big Data applications reside in the cloud, capturing and parsing customer interactions in real time. Although you won’t have to store and manage all of that data in-house, you’ll still need an ultra-fast connection to navigate through it and find its actionable insights.

4. Next Generation Telepresence
Many companies are exploring the opportunities of a decentralized digital workforce. Bringing on more remote workers allows you to grow your business at scale and tap into talent pools that would otherwise be closed to you. Telepresence apps allow remote workers to conference and collaborate as if they were in the same room, even if they are on the other side of the world.

This is just a quick sampling of the emerging technologies business leaders are planning for over the next five years. New directions in technology will continue to offer surprises, and existing capabilities will expand before you know it. All of it will require the best high speed internet.

To Maximize Your High Speed Internet, You Need A T1 Connection
Enterprise-class high speed internet isn’t like what most people have at home.
Businesses that want to stay competitive should consider a T1 connection their goal. A T1 connection delivers faster data speeds than residential internet. It can be configured to devote its entire transmission capacity to data or may be used as an integrated telephone solution.

To optimize performance, your office must be wired correctly to maximize the speeds available to each building, each room, and each device. This is a challenging puzzle: Multiple technologies must work together, selected for their speed, cost, geography, and ability to work together.

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